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  • November 30, 1999
  • 12:00 AM

genetically engineered stem cell treatment, gen therapy for HIV virus infection, AIDS.

by B V Waghmare in HIV virus and antiretroviral drugs and antiAIDS vaccine research and developmets

Scientists have collected stem cells from patients own body , and engineered them , and induced in to them gens which expresses three RNA-based anti-HIV moieties as follows .
1.tat/rev short hairpin RNA,
2.TAR decoy,
3.CCR5 ribozyme.
Amongst these anti HIV moieties CCR5 ribozyme is capable of hampering production of CCR5 protein a essential protein which is responsible for HIV virus entry in to new host cell , there it can lower a viral load , in to patient and help anti retroviral drugs t........ Read more »

B V Waghmare. (2010) Information on genetically engineered stem cell treatment, gen therapy for HIV virus infection, AIDS. . info:/

  • November 30, 1999
  • 12:00 AM

Water For Elephants...In The Wild

by Shermin de Silva in Maximus

Elephants' water requirements may provide the key to detecting them in areas that are difficult to census.... Read more »

Pastorini,J., Nishantha, H.G., Janaka, H.K., Isler, K., & Fernando, P. (2010) Jennifer Pastorini, H.G. Nishantha, H.K. Janaka, Karin Isler, . Tropical Conservation Science, 3(4), 412-422. info:/

  • November 30, 1999
  • 12:00 AM

One Fish, Two FIsh, Red Fish, Black Hole

by Brooke N in Smaller Questions

Astronomers discovered two black holes where they expected to find one (or none), shedding light on gravitational dynamics in globular clusters, as well as intermediate-mass black hole formation.... Read more »

Strader J, Chomiuk L, Maccarone TJ, Miller-Jones JC, & Seth AC. (2012) Two stellar-mass black holes in the globular cluster M22. Nature, 490(7418), 71-3. PMID: 23038466  

  • November 30, 1999
  • 12:00 AM

Bubbles and Bite: Why Fizzy Drinks Taste So Good

by Dyani Lewis in United Academics

Why do we choose to drink the beverages that we do? When we reach for a cup of coffee, perhaps it’s the caffeine we’re after; in a glass of wine, the social lubricating effects of alcohol may have lured us. But for carbonated drinks, the subtle zing of effervescence often combined with sugary sweetness, creates a sensory delight that can be irresistible.... Read more »

  • November 30, 1999
  • 12:00 AM

Regenerating the aged thymus

by Caroline Hendry in the Node

The latest issue of Development includes a paper by Clare Blackburn and colleagues at the Medical Research Council Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh, showing that the aged mouse thymus can be regenerated in vivo by the upregulation of a single transcription factor, FOXN1.... Read more »

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