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  • November 30, -1
  • 12:00 AM

On Beauty, History, and Her Story

by Vatche Sahakian in Schrödinger's Dog

A historical review of the importance of symmetry and Noether's theorem... Read more »

Rubens de Melo Marinho Jr. (2006) Noether's theorem in classical mechanics revisited. info:/

  • November 30, -1
  • 12:00 AM

Cheap Cell-Phone Microscopes Might Make Distance Ed Science Labs Feasible

by Michael Windelspecht in RicochetScience

Review of recent advances in cell phone microscopes... Read more »

  • November 30, -1
  • 12:00 AM

Dr. A H Bandivdekar finds the inhibitor for sexual transmission of HIV virus.

by B V Waghmare in HIV virus and antiretroviral drugs and antiAIDS vaccine research and developmets

Dr. A H Bandivdekar Indian scientist found the exact way by which HIV virus gains entry in to human blood in sexual transmission of HIV virus, which is one of the biggest reason for HIV virus infections and AIDS.
There are certain individuals who are tested positive and do not develop symptoms of AIDS or AIDS this is because there is diffrerance in their genetic constitution.
In latancy period there is a resistance for replication of HIV virus in lymphocytes in these infected individuals. The........ Read more »

B V Waghmare. (2011) Dr. A H Bandivdekar finds the inhibitor for sexual transmission of HIV virus. . info:/bvwaghmare

  • November 30, -1
  • 12:00 AM

A Holiday Without Helminths

by Michael Hsieh in Hsieh Lab Blog

What would a holiday without helminths, also known as parasitic worms, look like?... Read more »

Lustigman S, Prichard RK, Gazzinelli A, Grant WN, Boatin BA, McCarthy JS, & Basáñez MG. (2012) A research agenda for helminth diseases of humans: the problem of helminthiases. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 6(4). PMID: 22545164  

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