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Skeptic North aims to provide a central hub for scientific skepticism in Canada. Founded in 2009 by a diverse group of skeptics, science advocates, and critical thinkers, the site takes a respectful, evidence-based look at a variety of topics relevant to Canadians, including health, culture, media, politics, science, and history.

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  • December 12, 2011
  • 08:00 AM

Cell Phones Still Not Linked to Brain Cancer

by Michael Kruse in Skeptic North

Enter cell phones. We are constantly reminded of the failure of society to recognize the dangers of tobacco, let alone do something about it, and the industry led effort to suppress information and increase uncertainty in the pubic is held up as proof that all industries will stop at no lengths to protect their investment, despite dangers to the public. In the face of this, we need a scientific outlook to unblinker us from determining an unbiased truth. A new systematic review published in Oct........ Read more »

Repacholi MH, Lerchl A, Röösli M, Sienkiewicz Z, Auvinen A, Breckenkamp J, d'Inzeo G, Elliott P, Frei P, Heinrich S.... (2011) Systematic review of wireless phone use and brain cancer and other head tumors. Bioelectromagnetics. PMID: 22021071  

  • November 24, 2011
  • 01:00 PM

Do Antioxidant Supplements Negate the Beneficial Effects of Exercise?

by Scott Gavura in Skeptic North

I have skeptical confession to make. I was once a panacea-seeking antioxidant-taker. As background, I’m a marathon runner and occasional triathlete. Several years ago, I was training for an Ironman triathlon, and banking 20+ hours of intense exercise per week. That may sound absurd to many (it does to me, now that I have kids) [...]

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Coughs, colds, and the “appealing b........ Read more »

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