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  • June 23, 2010
  • 01:18 AM

Does Ignoring Small Scale Physics Hurt Cosmology? Probably Not.

by Joseph Smidt in The Eternal Universe

When cosmologists study the universe they usually assume it is homogeneous and isotropic with linear perturbations.  On large scales this turns out to be a very good approximation.  Fortunately, these assumptions greatly simplify the math since:
The equations are linear and therefore easily solvable.
(Related to #1.)  Fourier modes decouple meaning you can solve for each mode independent of the

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Daniel Baumann, Alberto Nicolis, Leonardo Senatore, & Matias Zaldarriaga. (2010) Cosmological Non-Linearities as an Effective Fluid. eprint. arXiv: 1004.2488v1

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