How the animal lost its sensor, viral evolution and vomiting, and entering the ends

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By Vincent Racaniello

Vincent RacanielloVincent Racaniello selects several notable posts each week from molecular and cellular biology and virology. He blogs at virology blog.

  • Two-component systems composed of a sensor and a responder are used by bacteria to detect and respond to changes in the outside environment and internal state.  Although these systems are vital for bacteria, they aren’t found in animals. Understanding why may provide new ways to inhibit prokaryotic pathogens.
  • Noroviruses are a major cause of gastroenteritis worldwide. There are over 40 genotypes, but only one causes pandemics of winter vomiting disease, possibly because these strains have higher rates of mutation.
  • Human herpesvirus 6, the cause of the childhood rash called roseola, establishes a latent infection in humans by integrating into telomeres, where it can be passed on to offspring. The viral DNA enters our chromosomes by homologous recombination between a TTAGGG sequence found in the viral DNA and in telomeres.

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