Editor’s Selections: Dopamine on the brain

Editor's Selections 5 Comments
By Travis Saunders

Travis SaundersTravis Saunders selects several notable posts each week from Health and Clinical Research. He blogs at Obesity Panacea.

This week we have several excellent posts examining the links between dopamine and health:

  • Impulsivity and addiction.  Addiction Inbox explains how a hypersensitive dopamine system could link psychopathic traits like impulsivity with addiction and gambling.
  • Fat?  I’m not to blame it’s my genes! Michael Ash of Clinical Education looks at how body weight is influenced by the interaction of genes, environment, and the dopamine system .  For a more focused look at the role that dopamine receptors play in obesity, be sure to check out Dopamine and Obesity by Scicurious of Neurotopia.
  • Monday Pets: The Gambler.  Jason Goldman looks at gambling rodents.  And yes, dopamine may be involved.

See you all next week!


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