Editor’s selections: WEIRD science, copycat suicides, square quantum mechanics, nanophobia and Mars’ oceans

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By Dr. SkySkull

skyskull “Dr. SkySkull” selects several notable posts each week from a miscellany of ResearchBlogging.org categories. He blogs at Skulls in the Stars.

  • Are most experimental subjects in behavioral science WEIRD? “Weird” here is an acronym, but also reflects the idea that the representative samples in behavioral science aren’t really that representative of humanity as a whole.  Michael Meadon of Ionian Enchantment discusses the research related to this intriguing observation, and its implications.
  • The Media Noose: Copycat Suicides and Social Learning. We’ve all heard of “copycat crimes” before, but it had certainly never occurred to me that they could be a source of cultural study!  At A Replicated Typo 2.0, wintz looks at research into copycat suicides, and the media’s role in the phenomenon.
  • Quantum Mechanics Is Square: “Ruling Out Multi-Order Interference in Quantum Mechanics”. A new test of quantum mechanics has come back with a negative result, but an important one.  Chad Orzel at Uncertain Principles explains the research and why you should find it interesting.
  • Just say no to sunscreen nanophobia! Aaah! Nanoscience!  In recent years there has been an increasing, and often unjustified, fear of nanotechnology the public’s eye (I partly blame Michael Crichton).  At sciencebase, David Bradley looks at the recent hysteria regarding nanoparticles in sunscreen, and explains why the panic is overblown.
  • New Evidence for an Ocean on Mars? A recent paper suggests that evidence for former oceans on Mars has been right there in front of us all the time!  Ryan at The Martian Chronicles describes the details.

Finally, for those who deal with reviewing for journals, a new proposal to make the process work better — “privatizing” the reviewer commons!  jebyrnes at I’m a chordata, urochordata! explains the details, and links to a petition!

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