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By Dave Munger

Here’s a list of active blogs on as of Friday, September 17, sorted by gender of authors. Since I had to infer gender based on author names in many cases, I may have made some mistakes — please let me know in the comments if I got any of these wrong. Unfortunately, I also had to omit blogs in languages in which I’m unaware of naming practices. I apologize for the omission. Blogs with the most posts on are listed first.

Related: My column on gender disparities in science blogging on Seed Magazine.

Blogs with female authors

  1. Observations of a Nerd (RB page)
  2. EcoTone (RB page)
  3. Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted) (RB page)
  4. Pharma Strategy Blog (RB page)
  5. Sapere Audere (RB page)
  6. Skeptic Wonder (RB page)
  7. Dormivigilia (RB page)
  8. Lab Rat (RB page)
  9. In Sickness and In Health (RB page)
  10. begin to dig (b2d) (RB page)
  11. BioData Blogs (RB page)
  12. Guadalupe Storm-Petrel (RB page)
  13. Psiquiatria e toxicodependencia (RB page)
  14. It Takes 30 (RB page)
  15. Academic Life In Emergency Medicine (RB page)
  16. survive the journey (RB page)
  17. Rigel (RB page)
  18. A Primate of Modern Aspect (RB page)
  19. Anthropology in Practice (RB page)
  20. Bala Mágica (RB page)
  21. geek! (RB page)
  22. Nutrition Wonderland (RB page)
  23. About Animals / Wildlife (RB page)
  24. Laika’s Medliblog (RB page)
  25. Bug Girl’s Blog (RB page)
  26. Neurotic Physiology (RB page)
  27. The Language of Bad Physics (RB page)
  28. Skepticon (RB page)
  29. Reading and Word Recognition Research (RB page)
  30. SarahAskew (RB page)
  31. Coffee & Conservation (RB page)
  32. Connections Research Blog (RB page)
  33. Culturing Science – biology as relevant to us earthly beings (RB page)
  34. Discovering Biology in a Digital World (RB page)
  35. Wild Muse (RB page)
  36. Dr. Carin Bondar – Biologist With a Twist (RB page)
  37. Hinterm Mond gleich links (RB page)
  38. The Autism Crisis (RB page)
  39. info-fetishist (RB page)
  40. Miss Atomic Bomb (RB page)
  41. Child Psych (RB page)
  42. Cognition & the Arts (RB page)
  43. misc.ience (RB page)
  44. Podblack Blog (RB page)
  45. Chicken or Egg blog (RB page)
  46. Christina’s LIS Rant (RB page)
  47. Ge·knit·ics (RB page)
  48. Mauka to Makai (RB page)
  49. bioblog (RB page)
  50. Laboratory for Evolutionary Endocrinology (RB page)
  51. C6-H12-O6 (RB page)
  52. Going Ape (RB page)
  53. Neurotypical? (RB page)
  54. Science & Sensibility (RB page)
  55. The Oyster’s Garter (RB page)
  56. Aetiology (RB page)
  57. An ecological oratorio (RB page)
  58. Building Blogs of Science (RB page)
  59. Countering…Age of Autism, Misinformation, and Woo (RB page)
  60. Endless Forms (RB page)
  61. A Schooner of Science (RB page)
  62. Archaeology @ (RB page)
  63. Coffee Shop Philosophy (RB page)
  64. Momma Data (RB page)
  65. The PostDoc Forum (RB page)
  66. Understanding Cancer (RB page)
  67. Adventures in Ethics and Science (Sb) (RB page)
  68. C6-H12-O6 (old) (RB page)
  69. Exercício e cérebro (RB page)
  70. Pondering Pikaia (RB page)
  71. Stimulating Aliquot (RB page)
  72. The Mind Wobbles (Systems Biology and Bioinformatics) (RB page)
  73. The truth makes me fret. (RB page)
  74. V1 (RB page)
  75. Blogging the PhD (RB page)
  76. I CAN HAS SLEEP NAO? (RB page)
  77. noustuff (RB page)
  78. Science behind the scenes (RB page)
  79. The View from Carnegie 210 (RB page)
  80. Tomorrow’s Table (RB page)
  81. A Developing Passion (RB page)
  82. Basic Space (RB page)
  83. Beatriz Mayoral (RB page)
  84. Berkeley Science Review Blog (RB page)
  85. Contagions (RB page)
  86. Galley Proofs (RB page)
  87. gravity’s rainbow (RB page)
  88. Liminality (RB page)
  89. New York Blog (RB page)
  91. Saúde e Sociedade (RB page)
  92. Sismordia – Seismology at Concordia (RB page)
  93. The Dragonfly Woman (RB page)
  94. The Sage of Discovery: Exploring the world of food one ingredient at a time (RB page)
  95. Science Blogging in Theory and Practice (RB page)
  96. Aurametrix (RB page)
  97. Monastic Musings (RB page)
  98. Olfactics and Diagnostics (RB page)
  99. On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess… (RB page)
  100. Science Made Cool (RB page)
  101. the Node (RB page)
  102. A Brain Scientist’s Take on Writing (RB page)
  103. Curious! (RB page)
  104. Expression Patterns (RB page)
  105. GourMind (RB page)
  106. Green Gabbro (RB page)
  107. ICBS Everywhere (RB page)
  108. Living Donors Are People Too (RB page)
  109. Microbial Modus (RB page)
  110. Tage des Glücks (RB page)
  111. The Artful Amoeba (RB page)
  112. the Undergraduate Science Librarian (RB page)
  113. Thoughts on thoughts (RB page)
  114. Channel N (RB page)
  115. All of My Faults Are Stress Related (RB page)
  116. BaMBi Odyssey (RB page)
  117. Body Politic (RB page)
  118. Boston Blog (RB page)
  119. Chemical Crystallinity (RB page)
  120. Imagesurvey (RB page)
  121. Lab Cat (RB page)
  122. Magma Cum Laude (RB page)
  123. Maniraptora (Tastes Like Chicken) (RB page)
  124. Micro Writers (RB page)
  125. Natural Selections (RB page)
  126. Our Gossamer Planet (RB page)
  127. Outdoor Science (RB page)
  128. Selective sweep (RB page)
  129. The Beagle Project Blog (RB page)
  130. The Dog Zombie (RB page)
  131. The Thoughtful Parent (RB page)
  132. A Snail’s Eye View (RB page)
  133. Adventures in Ethics and Science (RB page)
  134. Alison in Cambodia (RB page)
  135. Chicago Science News Examiner (RB page)
  136. ciência na mídia (RB page)
  137. Clashing Culture (RB page)
  138. Cultura, Educação e(m) Ciências (RB page)
  139. Data Not Shown (RB page)
  140. Dinochick Blogs (RB page)
  141. Endless Possibilities v3.0 (RB page)
  142. Existence is Wonderful (RB page)
  143. Future Health Trends (RB page)
  144. GeoSpace (RB page)
  145. Giovanna Di Sauro (RB page)
  146. Janelle’s research blog (RB page)
  147. Laura’s Psychology Blog (RB page)
  148. Mood Rhythms (RB page)
  149. Nature Notes (RB page)
  150. omniology (RB page)
  151. Paola Tubaro’s blog (RB page)
  152. Ping! — Loyalty Science in Practice (RB page)
  153. (RB page)
  154. Science with Moxie (RB page)
  155. The Blog that Ate Manhattan (RB page)
  156. The Haystack (RB page)
  157. The Urban Ethnographer (RB page)
  158. Women’s Mag Science (RB page)
  159. Wonderland (RB page)
  160. Wood for the trees (RB page)
  161. World of Ecology (RB page)
  162. ξένία (RB page)

Blogs with both female and male authors

  1. Brain Blogger (RB page)
  2. Cognitive Daily (RB page)
  3. Neurotopia (RB page)
  4. Child-Psych (RB page)
  5. Deep Sea News (RB page)
  6. OpenHelix (RB page)
  7. Promega Connections (RB page)
  8. Small Things Considered (RB page)
  9. Pallimed: a Hospice & Palliative Medicine Blog (RB page)
  10. Just A Theory (RB page)
  11. The Lay Scientist (RB page)
  12. The EEB and flow (RB page)
  13. Highly Allochthonous (RB page)
  14. Southern Fried Science (RB page)
  15. Language on the Move (RB page)
  16. Darwin’s Bulldogs (RB page)
  17. eHarmony Labs Hot Science Blog (RB page)
  18. Science-Based Medicine (RB page)
  19. we are all in the gutter (RB page)
  20. A Replicated Typo 2.0 (RB page)
  21. Ouroboros: Research in the biology of aging (RB page)
  22. Elements (RB page)
  23. Life in the Fast Lane (RB page)
  24. RNAm (RB page)
  25. Biofortified (RB page)
  26. Wissenschaft (RB page)
  27. Baboseiras Epistemológicas (RB page)
  28. Wellcome Trust Blog (RB page)
  29. Child’s Play (RB page)
  30. The Y.O.R.F. (RB page)
  31. First Person Narrative (RB page)
  32. Carbon-Based Curiosities (RB page)
  33. Neurotonics (RB page)
  34. Woo Fighters (RB page)
  35. Elements Science (RB page)
  36. Evolution, Development, and Genomics (RB page)
  37. Evoswarm (RB page)
  38. Science in Seconds (RB page)
  39. The Complex Terrain Laboratory (RB page)
  40. NASGP (RB page)
  41. Of Two Minds (RB page)
  42. This Scientific Life (RB page)
  43. V1 (RB page)
  44. World of Psychology – Psych Central (RB page)
  45. Backreaction (RB page)
  46. Biotechnology for Biofuels (RB page)
  47. One Astronomer’s Noise (RB page)
  48. psychescientia (RB page)
  49. Morfometria Geometrica (RB page)
  50. UT Blog (RB page)
  51. We Beasties (RB page)

Blogs with male authors

  1. BPS Research Digest (RB page)
  2. Dr Shock MD PhD (RB page)
  3. Conservation Maven (RB page)
  4. Experientia docet (RB page)
  5. Not Exactly Rocket Science (RB page)
  6. Journal Watch Online (RB page)
  7. Phased (RB page)
  8. Mystery Rays from Outer Space (RB page)
  9. Epiphenom (RB page)
  10. Greg Laden’s Blog (RB page)
  11. virology blog (RB page)
  12. Neuroskeptic (RB page)
  13. Neurophilosophy (RB page)
  14. Laelaps (RB page)
  15. NeuroDojo (RB page)
  16. Denim and Tweed (RB page)
  17. The Neurocritic (RB page)
  18. Ecographica (RB page)
  19. Obesity Panacea (RB page)
  20. Supply Chain Risk Research & Literature Review (RB page)
  21. Sciencebase Science Blog (RB page)
  22. Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes (RB page)
  23. Talking Brains (RB page)
  24. weird things (RB page)
  25. Cancer Research UK – Science Update (RB page)
  26. Respectful Insolence (RB page)
  27. The Mouse Trap (RB page)
  29. Byte Size Biology (RB page)
  30. Discount Thoughts (RB page)
  31. Reportergene (RB page)
  32. The Thoughtful Animal (RB page)
  33. BodyInMind (RB page)
  34. Strong Silent Types (RB page)
  35. Weissbier & Wissenschaft (RB page)
  36. The Curious Wavefunction (RB page)
  37. Sciencetext (RB page)
  38. Brain Posts (RB page)
  39. Ingenious Monkey | 20-two-5 (RB page)
  40. Dinosaur Tracking (RB page)
  41. The Quantum Lobe Chronicles (RB page)
  42. Weighty Matters (RB page)
  43. Química de Produtos Naturais (RB page)
  44. The Primate Diaries (RB page)
  45. Highlight HEALTH (RB page)
  46. O’Really? (RB page)
  47. Fisheye Perspective (RB page)
  48. Gene Expression (RB page)
  49. Gambler’s House (RB page)
  50. Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog (RB page)
  51. Pleiotropy (RB page)
  52. Curiosidades de la Microbiología (RB page)
  53. Mailund on the Internet (RB page)
  54. MolBio Research Highlights (RB page)
  55. The Times Microbial (RB page)
  56. Genetic Future (RB page)
  57. Psiquiatria e Sociedade (RB page)
  58. ¡Cuánta Ciencia! (RB page)
  59. ConservationBytes (RB page)
  60. Fischblog (RB page)
  61. Pure Pedantry (RB page)
  62. Tetrapod Zoology (RB page)
  63. thoughtomics (RB page)
  64. Uncertain Principles (RB page)
  65. La revolucion naturalista (RB page)
  66. Music Matters (RB page)
  67. Nutritional Blogma (RB page)
  68. Rainha Vermelha (RB page)
  69. The Psychology of Beauty (RB page)
  70. Neuronarrative (RB page)
  71. ScienceLife (RB page)
  72. Unruled Notebook (RB page)
  73. Class M (RB page)
  74. Entomoblog (RB page)
  75. (RB page)
  76. Physiology physics woven fine (RB page)
  77. Massgenomics (RB page)
  78. Psycasm (RB page)
  79. White Coat Underground (RB page)
  80. Wiring the Brain (RB page)
  81. Cheshire (RB page)
  82. Quimica Viva (RB page)
  83. SCRM Blog – Supply Chain Risk Management (RB page)
  84. The Hyphal Tip (RB page)
  85. MicrobiologyBytes (RB page)
  86. Optics confidential (RB page)
  87. Influenza A (H1N1) Blog – Português (RB page)
  88. Science and Reason (RB page)
  89. A Replicated Typo (RB page)
  90. Cognition and Language Laboratory (RB page)
  91. Graphene Literature Reviews (RB page)
  92. Northern Doctor (RB page)
  93. denialism blog (RB page)
  94. SciScoop Science Forum (RB page)
  95. Angry Astronomer (RB page)
  96. Diax’s Rake (RB page)
  97. Effortless Incitement (RB page)
  98. Flies and Bikes (RB page)
  99. Gripe por A (H1N1) Blog (RB page)
  100. A Very Remote Period Indeed (RB page)
  101. (RB page)
  102. (RB page)
  103. Influenza A (H1N1) Blog – English (RB page)
  104. mental indigestion (RB page)
  105. Mind Matters (RB page)
  106. Nutri-Link Ltd – Clinical Education (RB page)
  107. Orthopedic Physical Therapy (RB page)
  108. Sport Injuries and Wellness (RB page)
  109. Thomas’ Plant-Related Blog (RB page)
  110. Curving Normality (RB page)
  111. NNNS chemistry blog (RB page)
  112. Supernova Condensate (RB page)
  113. Macromolecular Modeling Blog (RB page)
  114. NeuroKüz (RB page)
  115. Snail’s Tales (RB page)
  116. Social Psychology Daily (RB page)
  117. The Scientific Activist (RB page)
  118. Uncommon Ground (RB page)
  119. (It’s a …) Micro World (… after all) (RB page)
  120. Careers – in Theory (RB page)
  121. Deep Type Flow (RB page)
  122. Exercise Psychology (RB page)
  123. Omics! Omics! (RB page)
  124. The motor chauvinist (RB page)
  125. ***Cognando*** (RB page)
  126. Cephalove (RB page)
  127. Code for life (RB page)
  128. Disease of the Week (RB page)
  129. dlPFC (RB page)
  130. EuCheMS 2010 Blog (RB page)
  131. Lucid Thoughts (RB page)
  132. Spirochetes Unwound (RB page)
  133. Voltage Gate (RB page)
  134. Brontossauros em meu Jardim (RB page)
  135. Good, Bad, and Bogus (RB page)
  136. I’m a chordata, urochordata! (RB page)
  137. Science of Global Security & Armed Conflict (RB page)
  138. The Adventures of Auck (RB page)
  139. The Daily Monthly (RB page)
  140. Will and Beyond (RB page)
  141. American Biotechnologist (RB page)
  142. Bridgehead Carbons (RB page)
  143. Dracovenator (RB page)
  144. NeuroWhoa! (RB page)
  145. Science-Based Pharmacy (RB page)
  146. The Strange Loop (RB page)
  147. The Tree of Life (RB page)
  148. Upon Reflection (RB page)
  149. DNA Dude (RB page)
  150. EpiCentral (RB page)
  151. Mad Scientist, Junior (RB page)
  152. Terra Sigillata (RB page)
  153. The Astronomist. (RB page)
  154. Thoughts of a Neo-Academic (RB page)
  155. Tom Paine’s Ghost (RB page)
  156. Addiction Inbox (RB page)
  157. All that matters (RB page)
  158. Beyond Climate Change (RB page)
  159. Chapéu, Chicote e Carbono-14 (RB page)
  160. Coevolvers (RB page)
  161. Ego sum Daniel (RB page)
  162. El tao de la fisica (RB page)
  163. Skulls in the Stars (RB page)
  164. The Other 95% (RB page)
  165. Beetles in the Bush (RB page)
  166. Bored Lunatic (RB page)
  167. ClinDx (RB page)
  168. Dare To Dream (RB page)
  169. Fish Schooled (RB page)
  170. Optical Futures (RB page)
  171. Psychothalamus (RB page)
  172. Reactive Reports Chemistry Blog (RB page)
  173. News (RB page)
  174. The Invisible Gorilla (RB page)
  175. The Open Source Paleontologist (RB page)
  176. WeiterGen (RB page)
  177. A Blog Around The Clock (RB page)
  178. citation needed (RB page)
  179. CJD Blogger (RB page)
  180. Confessions of a (former) Lab Rat (RB page)
  181. Diabetic Mediterranean Diet Blog (RB page)
  182. DrugMonkey (RB page)
  183. International Health Research (RB page)
  184. (RB page)
  185. The Ideophone (RB page)
  186. A DC Birding Blog (RB page)
  187. Clastic Detritus (RB page)
  188. cxlxmxrx (RB page)
  189. Dave’s Landslide Blog (RB page)
  190. Developing Intelligence (RB page)
  191. Global Change: Intersection of Nature and Culture (RB page)
  192. Johannes Moskaliuk (RB page)
  193. On The Road (RB page)
  194. River Continua (RB page)
  195. SpectroscopyNOW ezine (RB page)
  196. The Phrenologist’s Notebook (RB page)
  197. Action Potential (RB page)
  198. Amanuensis (RB page)
  199. Analyze Everything (RB page)
  200. (RB page)
  201. Christopher Leo (RB page)
  202. Ecce Medicus (RB page)
  203. Evidence-Based Public Health (RB page)
  204. (RB page)
  205. Pallimed (RB page)
  206. Paul Statt Communications (RB page)
  207. Reconciliation Ecology (RB page)
  208. Somatopsychic (RB page)
  209. The Atavism (RB page)
  210. Twisted Bacteria (RB page)
  211. Uncommon Dissent (RB page)
  212. Advanced Mediterranean Diet Blog (RB page)
  213. AlunSalt (RB page)
  214. Arthropoda (RB page)
  215. Brazillion Thoughts (RB page)
  216. Ciência à Bessa (RB page)
  217. cognitivetrammeling (RB page)
  218. Ecowar (RB page)
  219. Evolving Ideas (RB page)
  220. From C to Carnivore (RB page)
  221. Functional Neurogenesis (RB page)
  222. Further Thoughts (RB page)
  223. Gobbledygook (RB page)
  224. Imaging Geek (RB page)
  225. Mathlog (RB page)
  226. Nothing’s Shocking (RB page)
  227. NPA Think Tank (RB page)
  228. Our Clouded Hills (RB page)
  229. The Evilutionary Biologist (RB page)
  230. The Psych Student (RB page)
  231. Uncharted Atolls (RB page)
  232. Wainwright Lab (RB page)
  233. You’d Prefer An Argonaute (RB page)
  234. Cancerevo: Cancer evolution (RB page)
  235. Evolutionary Novelties (RB page)
  236. Fable (RB page)
  237. Faculty of 1000 (RB page)
  238. Filosofando na Penumbra (RB page)
  239. Gene Flow (RB page)
  240. Gramstain (RB page)
  241. Ionian Enchantment (RB page)
  242. JournOwl (RB page)
  243. The Lousy Linguist (RB page)
  244. The Martian Chronicles (RB page)
  245. Anthropoliteia: the anthropology of policing (RB page)
  246. Arte-Fakten (RB page)
  247. Behavioral Ecology Blog (RB page)
  248. Biological Posteriors (RB page)
  249. Catalogue of Organisms (RB page)
  250. Chronicles of Zostera (RB page)
  251. Climate Change – TH!NK ABOUT IT – Benno Hansen (RB page)
  252. El Blog de José Luis Castillo (RB page)
  253. Em Síntese (RB page)
  254. Evolving Thoughts (RB page)
  255. Frischer Wind (RB page)
  256. Marmorkrebs (RB page)
  257. Reciprocal Space (RB page)
  258. skeetersays (RB page)
  259. Sports Are 80 Percent Mental (RB page)
  260. Systematics and Biogeography (RB page)
  261. The Corpus Callosum (RB page)
  262. The Eternal Universe (RB page)
  263. The Primate Diaries in Exile (RB page)
  264. Thinking Out Loud (RB page)
  265. Thriving Oceans (RB page)
  266. afarensis: Anthropology, Evolution, and Science (RB page)
  267. AFFE (RB page)
  268. Antonio J. Pérez (RB page)
  269. astu’s science blog (RB page)
  270. Biological Ramblings (RB page)
  271. Biomicrofluidics (RB page)
  272. Canadian Biotechnologist 2.0 (RB page)
  273. ceptional (RB page)
  274. Chinleana (RB page)
  275. Contemplation (RB page)
  276. Dammit Jim! (RB page)
  277. Fuzzier Logic (RB page)
  278. It’s Alive!! (RB page)
  279. KOSMOlogs – Galaxienentwicklung (RB page)
  280. Mens Rea (RB page)
  281. Not Totally Rad (RB page)
  282. Sandwalk (RB page)
  283. STS Guru (RB page)
  284. The Online Laboratory of Kevin Zelnio (RB page)
  285. Ya Like Dags? (RB page)
  286. A Scientific Nature (RB page)
  287. Age of Engagement (RB page)
  288. Beyond the Short Coat (RB page)
  289. Blind.Scientist (RB page)
  290. Evolução e Desenvolvimento (RB page)
  291. Genetic Inference (RB page)
  292. Green Light Go (RB page)
  293. (RB page)
  294. Ideas for a deeper sense of life (RB page)
  295. JUNIORPROF (RB page)
  296. Mundo Neandertal (RB page)
  297. My Psychological Ramblings… (RB page)
  298. O demônio de Laplace (RB page)
  299. Oceanographer’s Choice (RB page)
  300. Permutations (RB page)
  301. Post Tenebras Lux (RB page)
  302. Rob’s Idaho Perspective (RB page)
  303. Rudimenthos (RB page)
  304. The Iapetus Beat (RB page)
  305. The Palaeo Pad (RB page)
  306. The Questionable Authority (RB page)
  307. A Fish Eye View (RB page)
  308. A Measure of Science (RB page)
  309. bioMCMC (RB page)
  310. Birds and Science (RB page)
  311. Blue Genes (RB page)
  312. Brain Windows (RB page)
  313. Combining Cognits (RB page)
  314. Deep Thoughts and Silliness (RB page)
  315. Docencia en Psiquiatría (RB page)
  316. Ecología Explicada (RB page)
  317. Hindered Settling (RB page)
  318. Hispanic Studies Forum (RB page)
  319. Hyphoid Logic (RB page)
  320. Idaho Spuds (RB page)
  321. In Terra Veritas (RB page)
  322. Left Brain/Right Brain (RB page)
  323. (RB page)
  324. Mike the Mad Biologist (RB page)
  325. Mountain Beltway (RB page)
  326. Mr Science Show (RB page)
  327. Neuroanthropology (RB page)
  328. Social Media Lab (RB page)
  329. Text Savvy (RB page)
  330. Understanding Crime (RB page)
  331. Year of Water H20 08 (RB page)
  332. Aardvarchaeology (RB page)
  334. Antigo blog do LIMI (RB page)
  335. Archetype (RB page)
  336. Archosaur Musings (RB page)
  337. Ars Physica (RB page)
  338. Artificial Habitat (RB page)
  339. Beast Ape and the Bleeding Heart Baboons (RB page)
  340. Chem-bla-ics (RB page)
  341. Ciência Ao Natural (RB page)
  342. Cognitive Convolutions (RB page)
  343. Cotch (RB page)
  344. EclecticEchoes (RB page)
  345. evolgen (RB page)
  346. Gedankenabfall (RB page)
  347. GeriPal (RB page)
  348. Hier wohnen Drachen (RB page)
  349. Informeller Blog (RB page)
  350. J. Parkinson (RB page)
  351. Larval Images (RB page)
  352. Leading Thoughts (RB page)
  353. Massa Crítica (RB page)
  354. minimal entropy (RB page)
  355. N-Cog-Neato! (RB page)
  356. Natural Rationality (RB page)
  357. Naturally Selected (RB page)
  358. O amigo de Wigner (RB page)
  359. Pharmacy Commitment PhD (RB page)
  360. Professor Astronomy (RB page)
  361. Russell’s Teapot (RB page)
  362. Tangled Up In Blue Guy (RB page)
  363. Technimentis (RB page)
  364. The Art of Teaching Science (RB page)
  365. The Chemblog (RB page)
  366. The Movement Science Blog and Podcast (RB page)
  367. The Science Pundit (RB page)
  368. The Vaviblog (RB page)
  369. U+003F (RB page)
  370. Um minuto de Ciência (RB page)
  371. Wonderland of Biophysics (RB page)
  372. Zzzoot (RB page)
  373. A Great Becoming (RB page)
  374. (RB page)
  375. Atmoz (RB page)
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Blogs with unknown author gender

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120 Responses to “Active ResearchBlogging blogs, by gender of authors”

  1. Bob O'H Says:
    September 22nd, 2010 at 11:57 am

    Eek! Kudos for doing this. I’m seriously impressed.

    Endless possibilities has a female author BTW

  2. Ted C. MacRae Says:
    September 22nd, 2010 at 11:58 am

    Wow, how long did it take to compile that list?

    758 total contributors is quite impressive.

  3. Dave Munger Says:
    September 22nd, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    Ted: It took me most of the day on Friday. Fortunately I had access to our database, and most bloggers have names that readily identify their gender. Still, I ended up visiting a couple hundred blogs to confirm.

    Bob: Thanks for the correction. I’m going to wait for a few more to roll in before I start making correx.

  4. Jason Goldman Says:
    September 22nd, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Psycasm is male.

  5. Geknitics Says:
    September 22nd, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    I have an active blog on Research Blogging (most recent post on 9/19), am a female science blogger, but am not included on this list.

  6. Dave Munger Says:
    September 22nd, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Geknitics — sorry, I mistakenly placed your blog under male authors. Should have it fixed in about 5 minutes.

    Update: I’ve made all three corrections

  7. Anastasia Says:
    September 23rd, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    Thank you for compiling this list.

  8. Hadas Shema Says:
    September 23rd, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    My blog (Science Blogging in Theory and Practice) goes under female authors.

  9. Isobel Says:
    September 23rd, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    Thanks for this list. One correction, Promega Connections has male and female authors–but the women outnumber the men–so against the trend.

  10. Sandra Kiume Says:
    September 26th, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    Thanks for the list! I’m female, though. :)
    [#340 - Channel N]

  11. Coturnix Says:
    September 27th, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    Guadalupe Storm-Petrel is female.

  12. Dave Munger Says:
    September 27th, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    Hadas, Isobel, Sandra, and Coturnix: I’ve updated to reflect your comments.

  13. Kat Says:
    September 29th, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Hi – the Cancer Research UK Science Update blog is written by male and female authors. Thanks,

  14. Kat Says:
    September 29th, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    (we’re number 25 in your boys list)

  15. bonvito Says:
    September 29th, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    time travelling is male. ;)

  16. David Bradley Says:
    September 30th, 2010 at 9:25 am

    Thanks for the mention Dave, probably wasn’t difficult to verify my blog given our shared forenames, eh?

  17. Anna Goldstein Says:
    September 30th, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    Hi Dave, thanks for the interesting analysis! Berkeley Science Review has male and female authors.

  18. Rogue Medic Says:
    October 1st, 2010 at 2:57 am

    I admit it. I’m a crazy old guy, but at least one of those is better than the alternative.

  19. Anne Welsh Says:
    October 2nd, 2010 at 8:03 am

    Thanks for the mention. My blog’s now called Library Marginalia (formerly First Person Narrative) and has always been written just by me – a female, as implied by my name :)



  20. Lindsay Says:
    October 23rd, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    Hi Dave,

    I am not on your list, even though I have a blog here; I hadn’t successfully imported any posts when you compiled this list, but I have now.

    If you revisit this page, you might want to add me to your list of female bloggers.

  21. Katie Kline Says:
    December 14th, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    Thanks for the mention, Dave! Great list.

  22. SamW Says:
    January 21st, 2011 at 7:52 am

    Awesome list. However, I just realized that I’m listed as male… and I’m female. :)

  23. Anthropoliteia Says:
    February 12th, 2011 at 3:15 am

    Hi, the Anthropoliteia blog has both male and female contributors. Great job compiling the list!

  24. Neurobites Says:
    March 6th, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    Terrific list! We always wondered ourselves about our gender! hahah. Neurobites is actually written by a female and male collaborators:)

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