Editor’s Selections: Yawning and Immigrants in Rome

Editor's Selections 4 Comments
By Krystal D'Costa

Krystal D'Costa Krystal D’Costa selects interesting and notable ResearchBlogging.org posts in the social sciences, including anthropology, research, and philosophy. She blogs about anthropology, technology, and urban life at Anthropology in Practice.

  • Have you yawned today? Perhaps on your commute to or from school? Maybe during class or a meeting? Perhaps you’re yawning right now. At Inkfish, Elizabeth Preston discusses a study that suggests yawning may be a means of cooling your brain down.
  • At Powered by Osteons, Kristina Killgrove shares a recent conference paper detailing the ways information is extracted from skeletons for research – in this case, to identify foreign women in Rome.

I’ll be back next week with more from anthropology, philosophy, and research.

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4 Responses to “Editor’s Selections: Yawning and Immigrants in Rome”

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