Editor’s Selections: Reopening Graves and Understanding Attraction

Editor's Selections 5 Comments
By Krystal D'Costa

Krystal D'Costa Krystal D’Costa selects notable ResearchBlogging.org posts in the social sciences, covering anthropology, research, and philosophy. She blogs about anthropology, technology, and urban life at Anthropology in Practice. Follow her on Twitter @krystaldcosta.

The selection for this week covers the last two weeks:

  • Contextual clues are important in archaeology. And at Bones Don’t Lie, Katy Meyers highlights how a geoarchaeology approach can reveal how a tomb was treated—whether it was reopened and how many times. With time, this information may be linked to other tomb elements that can possibly shed more light on funerary practices.
  • At EvoAnth, Adam Benton delves into attraction, asking what appeals to us and why. He does a fine job of rounding out the discussion by explaining this study against the backdrop of both evolutionary psychology and human behavioral ecology.

Until next time, folks. I’ll be back next week with more from anthropology, philosophy, and research.

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5 Responses to “Editor’s Selections: Reopening Graves and Understanding Attraction”

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