Editor’s selections: Galactic light switches, deadly rhododendrons, and railways of light

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By Dr. SkySkull

skyskull “Dr. SkySkull” selects several notable posts each week from a miscellany of ResearchBlogging.org categories. He blogs at Skulls in the Stars.

  • Quasar light switches. You don’t want light switches like this at home!  Emma at we are all in the gutter talks about recent research concerning quasars and active galactic nuclei — after powering down, they can sometimes start back up again!  This is a great potential confirmation of the connection between quasars and radio galaxies.
  • On the dangers of Rhododendrons! Sure, they’re pretty, but Rhododendrons can also increase the likelihood of landslides!  Dr. Dave at On the slide discusses the research.
  • Particle sorting with a miniature light railway. We’re a long way from devising Star Trek-style tractor beams, but technology which uses optical fields to move particles is already of practical importance.  Stuart Watson at Optical Futures discusses recent research into such “optical tweezers”.

Check back next Monday for more “miscellaneous” highlights!

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