Editor’s selections: Science and the public

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By Dr. SkySkull

skyskull “Dr. SkySkull” selects several notable posts each week from a miscellany of ResearchBlogging.org categories. He blogs at Skulls in the Stars.

This week I hereby declare an unofficial theme of “science and the public” for my editor’s selections; at least that’s the way it turned out when I was choosing posts!

  • What motivates the Zooites? In 2007, the GalaxyZoo team used internet volunteers to classify a million galaxies.  The project was a success, but why were people so enthusiastically involved?  Emma at we are all in the gutter looks at the results of a survey of the volunteers.
  • Is virtual reality the cure for obesity? Peter Janiszewski of Obesity Panacea turns a very skeptical eye towards reports that “Second Life” can be used to fight obesity.
  • Should scientists be policy advocates? Public policy is often based on scientific research, but it is often assumed that scientists should remain impartial on the question of policy. James Hrynyshyn of The Island of Doubt looks at the arguments pro and con.

(Hmm… I see I could also have titled this post, “Answers in the form of a question”!)

Check back next Monday for more “miscellaneous” highlights!

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