Editor’s Selections: Medicated Insects, Hot Urchins, and Parasite Pugilism

Editor's Selections 4 Comments
By Jarrett Byrnes

smalljarrett2Jarrett Byrnes focuses on posts in ecology, environmental sciences, and evolution. He blogs at I’m a chordata, urochordata!

  • Do more species of parasites help or hurt a host? Using flourescing parasites (cool!) new work shows that, if parasites duke it out for dominance, the host wins!

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4 Responses to “Editor’s Selections: Medicated Insects, Hot Urchins, and Parasite Pugilism”

  1. Zen Faulkes Says:
    December 17th, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    Even at my most curmudgeonly, I do think that octopuses are using coconut shells as tools. It’s that “first evidence of tool use in an invertebrate” headline that gets me, with way too much emphasis on “first”.

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