Editor’s Selections: Stinky Minkes, Selecting Friends, Hot Interactions, and Surfing Lemurs

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By Jarrett Byrnes

smalljarrett2Jarrett Byrnes focuses on posts in ecology, environmental sciences, and evolution. He blogs at I’m a chordata, urochordata! He is also quite bummed that he didn’t make Science Online 2010. Next year…

  • One method Japan uses to justify continued Minke whale hunting is that Minkes are depleting the food resources for the recovery of other whales. They claim that Minke’s are at least 3x more abundant than they were pre-whaling. New genetic evidence (with a nice youtube vid) shows that this is not true.
  • One consequence of global warming is changes in the timing of species births, growth, and death. While one may shrug their shoulders at this, if different species change their timing in different ways, the changes in species interactions could lead to unpredictable changes. Marc Cadotte showcases a new paper that could be a game-changer in items of community level predictions for responses to climate change.

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