Editor’s Selections: Ants on the ground! Ants on the ground! Blinfolded ants on stilts on the ground!

Editor's Selections 3 Comments
By Dave Munger

smalldaveDave Munger selects several notable posts each week from psychology and neuroscience. He blogs at The Daily Monthly and has a weekly column on SEEDMAGAZINE.COM.

  • Two amazing posts from The Thoughtful Animal about how animals find their way home. First, ants: a series of awesome experiments on desert ants including blinfolded ants and ants on stilts. Second, gerbils. Is it just me or are gerbils actually dumber than ants?
  • Have you ever wondered if time “flying by” is really a sign of how much you enjoyed yourself? BPS Research Digest covers a clever study showing how the perception of time affects enjoyment.
  • Similarly, with back pain: Does moving awkwardly cause back pain or do we move awkwardly because we have a painful back? Body in Mind examines the evidence.
  • Finally, is it possible to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder using an MRI scan? It might just be, says the Corpus Callosum Blog.

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