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  • June 11, 2014
  • 05:13 AM

Do Women Who Live Together Have Coinciding Menstrual Cycles?

by Stuart Farrimond in Guru: Science Blog

There are dozens of menstruation myths out there, ranging from the bizarre to the prosaic. Some of the more ridiculous fallacies include the belief that you shouldn’t wash your hair or have cold drinks when you’re on your period, that […]The post Do Women Who Live Together Have Coinciding Menstrual Cycles? appeared first on Guru Magazine.... Read more »

Stern K, & McClintock MK. (1998) Regulation of ovulation by human pheromones. Nature, 392(6672), 177-9. PMID: 9515961  

MCCLINTOCK, M. (1971) Menstrual Synchrony and Suppression. Nature, 229(5282), 244-245. DOI: 10.1038/229244a0  

  • June 10, 2014
  • 01:00 PM

[Creepy] Plasmids and Antibiotic Resistance

by Dr. Jekyll in Lunatic Laboratories

If the title didn’t give it away, plasmids are creepy. For those of you who are confused by that statement let’s cover what a plasmid is exactly. Plasmids are very […]... Read more »

Maria A. Schumacher, Nam K. Tonthat, Stephen M. Kwong, Naga babu Chinnam, Michael A. Liu, Ronald A. Skurray, & Neville Firth. (2014) Mechanism of staphylococcal multiresistance plasmid replication origin assembly by the RepA protein. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. info:/10.1073/pnas.1406065111

  • June 9, 2014
  • 01:00 PM

New Genetic Clues to Autism

by Dr. Jekyll in Lunatic Laboratories

There is a long, controversial life to autism. Autism comes from the greek autos, meaning self. The term describes conditions which a person is removed from interaction — hence, an isolated self. […]... Read more »

Hakon Hakonarson. (2014) The impact of the metabotropic glutamate receptor and other gene family interaction networks on autism,. Nature. info:/

  • June 8, 2014
  • 01:22 AM

What the pug is going on?

by Cobb & Hecht in Do You Believe In Dog?

Hi Julie,thanks for that awesome list of canine-related citizen science projects that anyone can sink their teeth into. I have a question for you: What do you see when a pug comes into your field of vision?I'm asking you because (at the risk of inciting wrath of many) - honestly? I'm really bamboozled by some pedigree breeds and their popularity with so many people. How I feelI'm not hating on pugs or pedigree dogs, and I don't mean any offence to people who hold their love o........ Read more »

  • June 7, 2014
  • 10:22 PM

How a Californian sea lion made my day

by Henkjan Honing in Music Matters

How a Californian sea lion made my day...... Read more »

  • June 6, 2014
  • 02:00 PM

Weight Loss Science Fact: Odd but True

by Dr. Jekyll in Lunatic Laboratories

Okay boys and girls, time to grab those love handles and hold on tight, because it’s another round of weight loss science fact. With a little luck [and a little […]... Read more »

Liu, M., Bai, J., He, S., Villarreal, R., Hu, D., Zhang, C., Yang, X., Liang, H., Slaga, T., Yu, Y.... (2014) Grb10 Promotes Lipolysis and Thermogenesis by Phosphorylation-Dependent Feedback Inhibition of mTORC1. Cell Metabolism, 19(6), 967-980. DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2014.03.018  

  • June 6, 2014
  • 12:51 PM

Self-Healing Metals

by Viputheshwar Sitaraman in Draw Science

Metals that can repair themselves: a new standard for industry. [Infographic]... Read more »

Hassan, M., Mehrpouya, M., Emamian, S., & Sheikholeslam, M. (2013) Review of Self-Healing Effect on Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Structures. Advanced Materials Research, 87-92. DOI: 10.4028/  

  • June 5, 2014
  • 05:50 PM

Coronavirus and Arterivirus replication complexes

by thelonevirologist in Virology Tidbits

Following the infection of cells with positive strand RNA viruses dramatic rearrangements of intracellular membranes can be observed which are generally double membrane vesicles (DMV) and convoluted membranes (CMs) attached to a cellular membrane. These structures contain viral dsRNA intermediates and thus prevent pattern recognition receptors from recognizing dsRNA and thus prevent the induction of an antiviral response. In addition, DMVs sequester viral and cellular enzymes necessary for viral........ Read more »

Hagemeijer MC, Vonk AM, Monastyrska I, Rottier PJ, & de Haan CA. (2012) Visualizing coronavirus RNA synthesis in time by using click chemistry. Journal of virology, 86(10), 5808-16. PMID: 22438542  

van den Worm SH, Knoops K, Zevenhoven-Dobbe JC, Beugeling C, van der Meer Y, Mommaas AM, & Snijder EJ. (2011) Development and RNA-synthesizing activity of coronavirus replication structures in the absence of protein synthesis. Journal of virology, 85(11), 5669-73. PMID: 21430047  

Hagemeijer, M., Monastyrska, I., Griffith, J., van der Sluijs, P., Voortman, J., van Bergen en Henegouwen, P., Vonk, A., Rottier, P., Reggiori, F., & de Haan, C. (2014) Membrane rearrangements mediated by coronavirus nonstructural proteins 3 and 4. Virology, 125-135. DOI: 10.1016/j.virol.2014.04.027  

Snijder, E., Kikkert, M., & Fang, Y. (2013) Arterivirus molecular biology and pathogenesis. Journal of General Virology, 94(Pt_10), 2141-2163. DOI: 10.1099/vir.0.056341-0  

Monastyrska I, Ulasli M, Rottier PJ, Guan JL, Reggiori F, & de Haan CA. (2013) An autophagy-independent role for LC3 in equine arteritis virus replication. Autophagy, 9(2), 164-74. PMID: 23182945  

de Wilde AH, Raj VS, Oudshoorn D, Bestebroer TM, van Nieuwkoop S, Limpens RW, Posthuma CC, van der Meer Y, Bárcena M, Haagmans BL.... (2013) MERS-coronavirus replication induces severe in vitro cytopathology and is strongly inhibited by cyclosporin A or interferon-α treatment. The Journal of general virology, 94(Pt 8), 1749-60. PMID: 23620378  

de Haan CA, Molinari M, & Reggiori F. (2010) Autophagy-independent LC3 function in vesicular traffic. Autophagy, 6(7), 994-6. PMID: 20814233  

Bernasconi R, Galli C, Noack J, Bianchi S, de Haan CA, Reggiori F, & Molinari M. (2012) Role of the SEL1L:LC3-I complex as an ERAD tuning receptor in the mammalian ER. Molecular cell, 46(6), 809-19. PMID: 22633958  

Zuber C, Cormier JH, Guhl B, Santimaria R, Hebert DN, & Roth J. (2007) EDEM1 reveals a quality control vesicular transport pathway out of the endoplasmic reticulum not involving the COPII exit sites. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 104(11), 4407-12. PMID: 17360537  

  • June 5, 2014
  • 12:03 PM

The Surprisingly Magnetic Black Hole

by Dr. Jekyll in Lunatic Laboratories

Black holes suck. Nothing can escape a black hole, not even light, which is why they are “black”. They are also an interesting bit of physics. Normally “classical” physics applies […]... Read more »

Zamaninasab, M., Clausen-Brown, E., Savolainen, T., & Tchekhovskoy, A. (2014) Dynamically important magnetic fields near accreting supermassive black holes. Nature, 510(7503), 126-128. DOI: 10.1038/nature13399  

S. W. Hawking. (2014) Information Preservation and Weather Forecasting for Black Holes. Cornell University Library . arXiv: 1401.5761v1

  • June 4, 2014
  • 02:23 PM

Climate Engineering: We can’t Build it Better after all

by Dr. Jekyll in Lunatic Laboratories

We have the technology: we can rebuild you, better, stronger, faster. Well we may have been able to build the six million dollar man better than before, but as it turns […]... Read more »

Cusack, D., Axsen, J., Shwom, R., Hartzell-Nichols, L., White, S., & Mackey, K. (2014) An interdisciplinary assessment of climate engineering strategies. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 12(5), 280-287. DOI: 10.1890/130030  

  • June 3, 2014
  • 02:00 PM

Will genetically engineer bacteria for Biofuel

by Dr. Jekyll in Lunatic Laboratories

Utter the word biofuel in the wrong circles and someone is likely to be stabbed. Let’s just say that the topic can be polarizing, but for good reason. Biofuel offers […]... Read more »

Daehwan Chung, Minseok Cha, Adam M. Guss,Janet Westpheling. (2014) Direct conversion of plant biomass to ethanol by engineered Caldicellulosiruptor bescii. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. info:/10.1073/pnas.1402210111

  • June 3, 2014
  • 09:56 AM

Gene Scissors

by Viputheshwar Sitaraman in Draw Science

Gene scissors allow scientists to cut out any gene: a dream for gene therapy! [Infographic]... Read more »

  • June 1, 2014
  • 03:25 PM

In Science We Trust

by Dr. Jekyll in Lunatic Laboratories

Sure, I could do a poll right now, how many of you are science fans? I figure if you are reading my blog then the answer is most [if not […]... Read more »

  • June 1, 2014
  • 02:59 PM

Electric School Buses Could Save Millions of Dollars

by dailyfusion in The Daily Fusion

Electric school buses that feed the power grid could save school districts millions of dollars—and reduce children’s exposure to diesel fumes—based on recent research by the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE).... Read more »

  • May 31, 2014
  • 04:12 PM

Coaxing Stem Cells: Where is that manual…

by Dr. Jekyll in Lunatic Laboratories

Breaking news: Stem cells don’t come with user manuals. That may be a little daunting for those of us who remember the VCR and with it the blinking 12:00 that […]... Read more »

Poh Yeh-Chuin, Chen Junwei, Hong Ying, Yi Haiying, Zhang Shuang, Chen Junjian, Wu Douglas C, Wang Lili, Jia Qiong, & Singh Rishi. (2014) Generation of organized germ layers from a single mouse embryonic stem cell. Nature. PMID: 24873804  

  • May 30, 2014
  • 06:45 PM

Role of Sialic acid binding in Coronavirus attachment and entry

by thelonevirologist in Virology Tidbits

Binding of the viral particle is a crucial step in the establishment of viral infection and subsequent viral replication. In the case of Coronaviridae, the binding of the virus is mediated viral spike protein, a homotrimer composed of subunits that are about 150 kDa in size each. In the past years, a number of Coronaviruses have been shown to not only contain one but two RBD, one located at the C-terminal end of S1 which is responsible for binding the cellular receptor and an additional one loca........ Read more »

Vlasak R, Luytjes W, Spaan W, & Palese P. (1988) Human and bovine coronaviruses recognize sialic acid-containing receptors similar to those of influenza C viruses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 85(12), 4526-9. PMID: 3380803  

Schmauser B, Kilian C, Reutter W, & Tauber R. (1999) Sialoforms of dipeptidylpeptidase IV from rat kidney and liver. Glycobiology, 9(12), 1295-305. PMID: 10561454  

  • May 30, 2014
  • 05:40 PM

Should Doctors ‘Google’ Their Patients?

by Jalees Rehman in Fragments of Truth

Beware of what you share. Employers now routinely utilize internet search engines or social network searches to obtain information about job applicants. A survey of 2,184 hiring managers and human resource professionals conducted by the online employment website revealed that 39% use social networking sites to research job candidates. Of the group who used social networks to evaluate job applicants, 43% found content on a social networking site that caused them to not hire a ca........ Read more »

  • May 30, 2014
  • 02:00 PM

Mind Control: Influencing Choice

by Dr. Jekyll in Lunatic Laboratories

Ever change your mind? Well now scientists can do it for you, at least that is the latest by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the University of Leuven in […]... Read more »

  • May 29, 2014
  • 02:20 PM

Genetics and Schizophrenia

by Dr. Jekyll in Lunatic Laboratories

Like most mental illness, schizophrenia sucks. Once a friend of mine lost an eye to his schizophrenic brother during a serious episode. That sort of thing will tear a family apart and while […]... Read more »

  • May 28, 2014
  • 04:32 PM

Diet Soda and Weight loss

by Dr. Jekyll in Lunatic Laboratories

A quick google for the term diet soda will show you a wide range of “health issues” related to drinking diet drinks. But thankfully a new study sheds light on the truth behind the diet soda and weight loss myth.... Read more »

Peters John C, Wyatt Holly R, Foster Gary D, Pan Zhaoxing, Wojtanowski Alexis C, Vander Veur Stephanie S, Herring Sharon J, Brill Carrie, & Hill James O. (2014) The effects of water and non-nutritive sweetened beverages on weight loss during a 12-week weight loss treatment program. Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.), 22(6), 1415-1421. PMID: 24862170  

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