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  • November 30, -1
  • 12:00 AM

Bisexuality is natural for women

by United Academics in United Academics

Researchers at the Boise State University have found that most women are bisexual by nature. Also, they discovered that these bisexual feelings increase with age. During this study, 484 heterosexual women were surveyed. 60 percent of them said to be sexually attracted to other women, 45 percent had already kissed with a woman en about half of the participants had fantasized about it.... Read more »

  • November 30, -1
  • 12:00 AM

Some Members of the Parliament Should Be Selected By Lottery, According to Research

by United Academics in United Academics

What if democracy works better with some members of parliament chosen at random? This is what Athenians used to do in the past, and what a team of Italian researchers at the Università di Catania defend in a paper, now brought back to attention by Marc Abrahams in his weekly column ‘Improbable Research’ at the The Guardian.... Read more »

Pluchino, A., Garofalo, C., Rapisarda, A., Spagano, S., & Caserta, M. (2011) Accidental politicians: How randomly selected legislators can improve parliament efficiency. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 390(21-22), 3944-3954. DOI: 10.1016/j.physa.2011.06.028  

  • November 30, -1
  • 12:00 AM

Heroin’s Anthrax Problem

by Rebecca Kreston in BODY HORRORS

Anthrax is a deadly disease with high rates of morbidity and mortality. Because it is, thankfully, also quite rare, it is relatively easy to track its whereabouts and going-ons when an outbreak occurs. Typically, outbreaks of anthrax have been traced to groups of people involved in high-risk activities involving grazing animals and their byproducts: anthrax favors shepherds, butchers, wool-sorters, leather workers, and even the odd drum-playing hippies. In 2009, however, an outbreak upended this........ Read more »

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