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  • November 30, -1
  • 12:00 AM

Interlukin 32 biomarker which predict relapse of mycobacterium tuberculosis

by B V Waghmare in HIV virus and antiretroviral drugs and antiAIDS vaccine research and developmets

Interlukin 32 a protien which is found in people which do test positie for mycobacterium tuberculosis infection but do not develop pulmonary disease, it is found that interlukin is important in killing micobacterium, thereby protect them from TB disease, this interleukin 32 can be used therapeutically in patients suffering with TB along with chemotherapy, which will enhance efficacy of anti tuberculosis chemo therapy... Read more »

B V Waghmare. (2014) Interlukin 32 biomarker that will predict relapse of tuberculosis infection and will be used in treatment of TB. info:/

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