ResearchBlogCast: Bloggers dissect a paper on parenting in poison arrow frogs

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By Dave Munger

We’re trying something new this week. Each week, in addition to all the great written blogs you can find on, we’re posting a podcast about science.

ResearchBlogging.orgEach week, Research Bloggers Kevin Zelnio, Razib Khan, and I will choose a journal article to discuss in podcast form. We’ll make sure it’s an article that we or someone else has covered on their blog, so ideally, you’ll read the blog post first to get a general understanding of the research, then listen to our podcast to hear our impressions. Here’s the article we’re discussing this week:

Brown, J., Morales, V., & Summers, K. (2010). A Key Ecological Trait Drove the Evolution of Biparental Care and Monogamy in an Amphibian The American Naturalist, 175 (4), 436-446 DOI: 10.1086/650727

The article has been discussed on two blogs so far:

We’ll try to collect links to all blogs discussing each ResearchBlogCast. Let us know if we missed you!

At this point we’re considering this to be an experimental project, so constructive criticism is welcome. Let us know what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. If all goes well, this podcast should be available on iTunes, but for now you can definitely get it right here:


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