Editor’s Selections: Leaf-cutting ants and their bacteria, bacterial electricity, and shield or target?

Editor's Selections 2 Comments
By Vincent Racaniello

Vincent RacanielloVincent Racaniello selects several notable posts each week from molecular and cellular biology and virology. He writes about viruses at virology blog.

  • Leaf cutting ants cultivate fungi, and are assisted by bacteria that make antifungals to prevent invasion by unwanted fungal species. Have the bacteria evolved along with the ants, or do the ants pick up bacteria from the environment? The answer is probably both.
  • Shewanella oneidensis is one of several bacterial species that can produce currents of up to 204 fA/cell, and extrude wire-like protrusions that conduct electricity. The electron chain has been moved from this bacteria into E. coli, the first step towards the production of biosensors out of engineered bacteria.
  • Many viruses block antigen presentation, presumably to prevent T cells from recognizing infected cells. This effect may be circumvented by T cells that specifically recognize cells in which antigen presentation is blocked.

I’ll be back next Friday with more selections.

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